Airsoft Takes Role Playing To A Whole New Level

Airsoft Takes Role Playing To A Whole New Level

A popular game in airsoft gun battles is the Mil-Sim format of game play. These types of airsoft role-playing formats create an entire era within the parameters of the airsoft game.

The Mil-Sim game creates a realistic era of action role-playing for everyone involved in the game.

In some cases, games are set up and recreated according to an actual battle in history. Participants purchase weapons, clothing, staples, rations and other supplies that would have actually been used during the specific era; many games require that everything in the game field must have existed during the actual time period. This type of dedication to reality in a Mil-Sim reenactment is not uncommon and is generally expected by each member on the playing field.

Historical Military Simulations In Airsoft Battles Strive For Authenticity

For individuals that enjoy the realistic recreation and re-enactment of a historical battle, appropriate costumes and equipment is a fundamental part of the success and enjoyment of the game. An individual may join a specialized airsoft group that focuses primarily on one decade or era and purchase all equipment, clothing and supporting supplies to match that time period. While the game is intended to be enjoyable for everyone, game play is often guided by the factual history of a specific battle or by one organizer who leads the group to the game’s final objective or conclusion. The concept or idea of “re-writing” history to accommodate one team winning over the other is not accepted in these types of games.

This type of airsoft game is not approached with the same attitude as “Capture the Flag” or “Team DeathMatch”. Individuals that are involved in the simulation of historical battles are generally involved not only for the airsoft game but also for the enjoyment of recreating another time period and remaining an “active” character (and in character) during the entire time of the game. Often times, in games such as these, the role-playing is a larger part of the overall game rather than the use and firing of weapons upon one another.

Most Mil-Sim Airsoft Games Create A Realistic War Zone

In modern day Mil-Sim games, the two opposing teams create a modern day war zone and perform different live action role-playing to simulate battles that might occur today.

In these types of game formats, missions or objectives are given to different members of each team and then these directions are put into play much the same as a real war plan would be put into action on the battle field.

It is not uncommon for Mil-Sim participants to spend hundreds of dollars on authentic clothing, weapons, ammunition, tactical gear and rations.

Mil-Sim Creates A Realistic Re-enactment of A Military Simulation

Airsoft gun battles are a high-energy sport that provides each player with an adrenaline rush and the excitement or frustration of winning and/or losing a high stakes game. Individuals that participate in such games often create an environment that not only involves the traditional game rules but also includes variations more personalized to their own game.

When playing airsoft games, it isn’t necessary to follow a traditional format, it is only important that everyone involved in the game understands the rules and expectations for that specific game.

Airsoft is a game that relies on honesty and a code of honor among players. The airsoft pellet does not explode when it hits a player, in the same way that a paintball capsule does. For this reason, where a paintball capsule leaves a mark, the airsoft pellet does not. So it is up to the honesty of each player to notify everyone else if they have been hit. This is generally done with a raising of one hand and calling out, “I’m hit” or something to that effect. Players that fail to be honest, no matter what the game being played, are generally not asked to return for another game.