Sponsorships, Endorsements and Appointments from the Top Clubs in Europe

Beating the odds is what many people like to do when they are looking for the best deals on sports betting online. Beating the odds does not necessarily mean winning every single time you place a bet. It simply means that you should have more successes than failures when placing bets of any kind, not just sports betting. Betting is simply the process of placing a bet on a particular sport or event in hopes of receiving money back on your wager. If you were to place a bet on every horse race in the UK, you would have won only a few percentage points of the time, which wouldn’t be very impressive.

If you enjoy betting on a variety of different sports, you may be interested in joining the ESL, aka Electronic Sports Betting, Pool, or ESL Series. https://madeincandythailand.com/bk8 “>BK8 offers different sports betting services and different sports betting categories to clients around the globe, with its main focus being Europe and Asia. In early June, it made an important landmark agreement with English Premier League team Norwich City. You can read more about the ESL here in our brief article about betting on the sport.

Unlike other online betting companies based in North America and the Caribbean, ESL is actually based in Asia. If you don’t know too much about the gaming industry in Asia, perhaps you should look into some of the biggest and most successful companies in this part of the world. Zynga and Playdom are two of the most popular companies in Asia. In addition to providing ESL sports betting services, these two companies also handle other popular and successful gambling genres including MMORPGs and the ever-popular Horde game.

While ESL is based in Europe and the UK, one of its most successful gaming franchises is located in Asia. A month ago, they signed the deal to secure a place in the heart of Singapore, which will give them access to the huge market that is Singapore. With the agreement, bk8 will be able to offer their services across Europe and Asia. This means that anyone interested in betting on ESL matches should make sure to visit the bk8 website to get all the latest information and start placing bets today.

bk8’s most important sponsorship deal was a seven year deal to become an official Asian betting partner. The deal includes advertising in leading European and US papers as well as in over 30+ countries across europe. bk8 has also managed to secure sponsorship deals from some of the biggest clubs in Europe, including AC Milan, Manchester United, Roma, PSV Eindhoven, Chelsea, Benfica Lisbon, Inter Milan and Besiktaspor.

The other major deal included in the sponsorship deal is a five year deal to be the official Asian betting company for the whole year 2010. This is one of the most important sponsorships deal that a betting company has secured and this shows how serious the club is in becoming a popular betting company in the Asian markets. bk8 has managed to secure deals from some of Europe’s top clubs as well as from some of the biggest clubs in Asia. With these impressive sponsorships and endorsements, it is clear that bk8 are set to be an influential betting company in 2010 and beyond.